Our Reviews Verification System keeps detailed records of ALL your customer submitted reviews! Protect your brand from competitors and fake reviewers!

The first step in building your reviews and increasing star ratings is to collect reviews from your best customers. Proactively collecting reviews from your customers is one of the most effective ways to increase profits for your business.

The Verified Credible platform provides businesses with the tools they need to collect reviews easily, quickly and get them published online where you need them most!

Verified Credible has developed various tools to facilitate the review collection process. Choose the tool that will work with how your business interacts with your customers.

Get Reviews and increasing star ratings from your best customers

Show your customers your reviews come from REAL verified credible sources EASY TO USE Tools that help you to build TRUST for your business!

  • Email

    Customize one of our templates or design your own. Upload load your email list and you are on your way to collecting reviews. Emails direct your customers via a link to your Verified Credible Review Request Form.

  • Testimonial Tablet

    Customize your Review Request Form by adding your logo and start collecting reviews from in your place of business or point of service. All you need is an iPad or tablet that is connected to the internet.

  • Facebook

    Install the Verified Credible app on your Facebook Fan Page and start displaying your reviews and collecting review from people who already support your business. Your Verified Credible Request Form is integrated right into your Fan Page.

  • Website Widgets

    Place the Verified Credible icon on your website for customers to connect to your Verified Credible Review Request Form.

The Customers can write reviews, record a video review and even write a complaint from your Review Request Form. Managing your customer's complaints is just as important as collecting positive reviews. By giving them the ability to let their complaint to be heard, you can keep them from going to a review site and telling the world about their negative experience.
Once a customer writes a review, records a video testimonial or writes a complaint, they must agree to the terms of the Verified Credible Digital Affidavit. The affidavit lets us know that they are a real customer, purchased a product or service from your company and allows Verified Credible to distribute their review anywhere.