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Nooz TV: Twisted Laurel - Restaurant in Asheville NC

We are a locally owned restaurant and full bar serving up casual, creative Meditterranean-inspired comfort foods in the heart of Pack Square Park in downtown Asheville for dining inside or on our dog-friendly patio, curbside pickup, and local delivery.

Executive Chef Tom LaFauci specializes in handmade pastas and putting his Italian-American touch on comfort food favorites.


Common Elements of Mediterranean Cuisine

The concept of Mediterranean cuisine has its roots in an area near the Mediterranean Sea that grows the olive tree in abundance.  Here, the most well-recognized and popular ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil, is produced, distributed, and even exported worldwide for use in traditional Mediterranean dishes.  At Cafesano, fresh salads are made to order and served with olive oil-based homemade dressings.

The three core ingredients that make up Mediterranean cuisine, regardless of region of influence, are olives, wheat, and grapes.8

Try our world famous chicken sandwich at the Twisted Laurel in Asheville NC


As noted above, Mediterranean cuisine, and the ingredients found in the Mediterranean Diet, are based on a wide variety of food items found in various regions of the Mediterranean.  The combination of these food items and the many ways they’re prepared specific to the region they come from, is at the heart of what makes Mediterranean cuisine so very unique and flavorful.  An added bonus is that many Mediterranean items not only taste good, they’re good for you too!

Other Widely Used Ingredients

  • Fresh Vegetables. Roasted, sautéed, grilled, pureed, and served fresh in salads, you can bet your local Dulles, VA Mediterranean restaurant will have plenty of vegetables available throughout their menu.  Eggplant, artichoke, tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, lettuce, and onions are served up daily at Cafesano in salads, sandwiches, pasta and pizza.
  • Meat & Seafood. Meats such as chicken, beef and pork are typically grilled and served as kabobs or skewers.  Additionally, seafood is regularly included in a Mediterranean meal.  At Cafesano, all of the above proteins are offered as kabobs or skewers.
  • Spices. Fresh herbs dominate Mediterranean cuisine giving it the unique and fresh flavor that everyone has come to know and love.  The Mediterranean region is known for growing herbs such as basil, oregano, thyme, and rosemary, to name a few, making it only natural to add these tasty, flavor-boosting herbs to Mediterranean dishes.

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