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All plans come with 24/7 support and FREE installation of all apps and web tools! If you don't want to do the work we will do it all for you! Collect real reviews from your customers and show the world "You are what they say you are!"

  • 3 Month

    Start building trust!
    $299 (One Time)
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    The basic version of our POWERFUL reviews management software provides you with the right web tools that will build trust for your company brand, products and services! Powerful analytics give you great insight how your customers respond to your products and services!

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    Guaranteed results or your money back
    $189 / MO

    The PRO package is expert reviews management system that is designed to impress! With reviews collection, reviews publishing, reviews analytics, reviews pages that rank in search engines you are the master of your destiny! This will improve your star ratings GUARANTEED!

  • Elite

    Enterprise Reviews Management
    $399 / MO

    This is our most POWERFUL package! This is a FULL suite of AMAZING features that help you improve your reputation and the ULTIMATE web marketing system for your business!
    businesses with this package!

At Verified Credible we believe that building trust and buyer confidence with consumers is the best way to establish long lasting credibility for your company brand, products and services! Our reviews management programs can be tailored made to fit any business or Industry. We can scale our solution, whether you are a single location or a multi-location/franchise or a nation business Verified Credible has a solution that will fit your needs!
  • Monitor Results of Campaign

    With Verified Credible's Reviews Monitoting and Reviews Alerts you can track what your customers are saying about you whe they are saying it! Our analytics dashboard will give great insights on how your customers feel about your company, products and services! Happy customers equals happy profits!

  • Upgrade/Cancel Anytime

    You can upgrade anytime or cancel anytime! NO long term contracts! We want you to LOVE our software! You can cancel anytime before your next billing date and you can keep all the reviews you have collected and published on the web! Upgrade to our top package and GET SPECIAL ACCESS AND FEATURES!

  • Increase your SEO rankings

    Verified Credible reviews feeds can be delivered to your websites, social media, blogs or any other web properties! They help improve you search engine rankings because they are considers confident driven content! Install our reviews feeds on your website, and watch your SEO rankings grow!

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