"UNLEASH" the POWER of Mobile QR CODES For Reviews, contact info, GPS directions and more! Track your QR codes scanned in real-time!

Using QR codes in your marketing efforts shows your potential customers that you are staying up with the times, a very important aspect to many of today's savvy consumers. The Verified Credible QR Code Platform allows you to create 5 different types of QR codes. Customers can scan your QR codes to access your mobile website, get your full contact information, directly dial your business telephone number, view your business location on a Google map or access your Special Offer.

You get 3 different sizes that you can download and use on your websites and print materials, including your business cards. Chose the right size for your business marketing needs.

QR codes are included on your Business Profile Pages and your Special Offer. When any of your QR codes are scanned, we collect the location and date and provide you with geo-analytics so that you can track the location of where your customers are engaging with your marketing efforts and how many times your QR codes are being scanned.

Create and track QR Codes from your Verified Credible dashboard!

Track the success of your marketing campaigns.

  • 5 types of QR Codes are included
  • Mobile Website with Reviews - customers can read reviews on the fly
  • Telephone - customers scan to call you directly
  • VCard - customers can easily add your contact information to their address book
  • Google Map - customers can easily find your location and get directions
  • Special Offer - customers can access your Verified Credible Special Offer from their phone
  • Every QR code scan is tracked so that you know the location and time that the consumer engaged with your marketing campaign
  • Geo-analytics gives you marketing insight for which marketing campaigns are working and where they are working. You will know your ROI!
Having a presence on the internet is critical for the Sccess of your business. Verified Credible Business Profile pages build consumer trust and sell your products or services.

Some Quick Facts About QR Codes:

  • QR Codes are scanned over 50 million times annually
  • In the United States QR code usage grew 902% in 2011
  • The United States has the 2nd highest QR code usage rate.
  • Over one-fourth of all scanned QR codes were scanned by 35-44 year old consumers
  • QR code top uses are to get promotional deals or obtain additional information about a product or service
Other companies charge $100-$500 dollars a month for QR code programs, it is included in your Verified Credible program at no extra cost.