Local reviews analytics gives you insight into where your customers are and how they perceive your business!

Monitor what customers are saying and when they are saying it!

When logged into your Verified Credible account you get immediate access to your Local Review Analytics. You can quickly see how many reviews have been submitted by city, their star ratings and the number of complaints you have received, if any. You can also see how many review email requests you have sent for a particular time frame.

  • Number of Reviews are broken down by city from which they were submitted
  • Quickly see the percentage of Reviews by city
  • Find the # of Reviews by Star Rating and quickly determine if you have any complaints
  • Track the number of emails and request sent by week, month, 90 days or year
  • Track the number of reviews that you have received
  • Print reports to share with your team or download a pdf to email
You can get all of the valuable information you need to know about your reviews from one convenient location at a glance.

Verified Credible not only improves your business reviews online,

we give you the business intelligence to understand what your customers are saying about you.

  • Easy to read line graph tells you how many reviews were submitted by your top 10 cities.
  • Pie chart gives you the percentage of reviews submitted by city.
  • Reviews drill down shows you number of reviews by city, star rating and number of complaints.
  • Email request analytics show your email list counts and how many requests that you have sent.
Analyzing your reviews helps you not only understand how your customers perceive you but also where your most active customers are. Use Reviews Analytics to help you decide what markets to spend your advertising dollars in and where you will get the most ROI.