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With Verified Credible you can easily collect reviews using multiple formats and devices!

Collecting reviews for your business has never been easier! Why wait for someone to write reviews on major review websites when you can get them now! How do you know if the reviews submitted on review websites are from your real customers? How do you know that your competitors are not the ones writing the negative reviews about your company, products and services? With Verified Credible you are in control and know that all reviews you collect are from your OWN customers!

Be proactive when collecting reviews! The more reviews you collect the more TRUST you establish for your brand, products and services! Dont wait for people to review you!

Reviews are the life blood for your brand! Ask yourself if you have ever read online reviews before making a purchase. Now ask 3 other people you know and ask them if they have ever read reviews online before making a purchase.

Reviews have become an essential part of how we as consumers shop on the Internet. If you are not currently collecting reviews from your customers its more probable than not your competitors are!

Building buyer confidence can improve sales conversions on your website or landing pages!Reviews can influence potential buyers. Every review you collect is like gold for your brand!

There are several factors and actions that cause people to buy. We call them buying actions and triggers. When you build TRUST for your brand, products and services people feel comfortable doing business with you! This can trigger a sale.

When customers feel comfortable doing business with you they refer you to their friends! They also come back and buy from you again and again because you have become a TRUSTED source for them.

Total number of reviews and star ratings are the key factors in building buyer confidence for your brand, products and services!

When potential customers compare you with your competitors they are looking at 2 main things! How many reviews you have and your overall star rating! If you have few or no reviews your closing opportunities decrease significantly when in the presence of competitors that have lots of reviews and great star ratings. Sign up NOW and start building your reputation online.

Dont let your competitors win the reviews race! The one with the most reviews and the best star ratings get most of the web traffic!

Win the reviews race and you will get noticed for it! Your competitors will cringe at the sight of all the positive reviews you collected.You are being compared every minute of every day on major search engines! Trust equals sales! The more trust you build the more sales you will get. "If you do nothing - Nothing will happen" Sign up NOW and start building your reputation online.