Use the POWER of video reviews to increase
buyer confidence and sales conversions!

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million. Nothing creates credibility faster than a believable testimonial and nothing is more persuasive than a video testimonial. Verified Credible gives you the ability to capture video testimonials and reviews from your customers.

You can record video testimonials at your place of business or your customers can choose to record a video testimonial at home. Any customer that receives a Verified Credible review request from you has the option to give you a video testimonial.

The video testimonial feature is built into your review request form making it quick and easy for you to start collecting video testimonials from day one!

You control what video testimonials are displayed on your site.

Prior to any video testimonial being published it must be approved by you.

  • Verified Credible notifies you when a new video testimonial has been submitted
  • You approve and mange video testimonials from the Verified Credible dashboard
  • Video Testimonials with negative or irrelevant content can be deleted from your review feed
  • Video Testimonials can be viewed by potential customers on your Website, Facebook Fan Page, Business Profile Page or anywhere you place the Verified Credible Review feed
  • Video Testimonials can be submitted to YouTube and other popular Video Sites to attract more customers
Video Testimonials will have a positive impact on your business

Some Quick Facts About Video Testimonials

  • Putting a face and a voice to testimonials through video establishes character and credibility for your company while building a personal relationship with your visitors
  • Customers who watch video testimonials spend 10x more time on a business's website than customer who read text based reviews
  • 89% of consumers see web video channels as a trustworthy source and seek outside online reviews to verify product recommendations from friends and family
  • Video Testimonials connect to potential customers on a personal level and shows that other people just like them use your product or service
  • Video Testimonials on a product or service can boost sales by as much as 30% .